I haven't blogged for a while but have been busy sewing for other people. I made the canvas tent structures for a lovely exhibition at Manchester Museum called "Unearthed: Ancient Egypt". Aimed at children and schools its a great exhibition of exploring and identifying artifacts as though you were a real life explorer! Great to visit with kids as its free too.


I recently did a costume making workshop at the Zion Art Centre in Hulme for a performance to celebrate 100 years of Zion. The building started life as a church in the centre of the community in Hulme helping the people in times of severe poverty and creating a space for people to meet and share experiences. The Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Society was a club formed in victorian times at Zion and would be a chance to meet and chat over a cuppa and a bite to eat, a world away from the problems outside.

As a celebration of the last 100 years at Zion, the Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Society was reformed to show us the big events over the last century, the family lines that run through Zion and the myths and legends that surround the place!

The performance took place as a tour of the building with snapshots of moments acted out by some amazing young actors - very amusing and also touching portrayals of real people who have passed through the doors. The attention to detail was amazing and the feeling of passing through time really effective with use of projections, sound, space and also dance.

A massive well done to Zion and all that participated in the project, young people and professionals alike!

To have a look at some of the old photos and documents from Zion and Hulme over the last 100 years pop down to Zion Gallery space!